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PRO-STICK 82 (PS-82)

PROFLEX® PS-82 is a latex-base economy grade floor covering adhesive developed for the installation of many types of carpets and sheet goods designed for direct glue down, excluding those with vinyl backings.  PROFLEX® PS-82 is freeze-thaw stable, easy to spread, and has ample open time, with strong wet tack and a permanent water resistant bond. PROFLEX® PS-82 may be used over association grade particle board, plywood and porous concrete (above, on and below grade) in the absence of excessive moisture, alkali and hydrostatic pressure.

Note: Not recommended for vinyl backed sheet goods.

PRO-STICK 85 (PS-85)

PROFLEX® PS-85 has the flexibility to adapt to its environment. Designed to be used for direct glue-down as well as double-stick applications, PROFLEX® PS-85 is the ultimate choice for your project. PROFLEX® PS-85 boasts quick upfront grab that will ensure even your patterned carpet installations hold perfectly in place.