PROFLEX® PWA 160—Acrylic-Urethane Adhesive

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4 gallon unit, 48 pails per pallet

PROFLEX® PWA-160 is a premium, high solids, acrylic-urethane latex based adhesive designed for the demands of wood floor installations.

Typical Uses

PROFLEX® PWA-160 is suitable for installing finish wood surfaces including finger block parquet, 3 ply, and 5 ply engineered plank < ½” thick and < 5” wide. PROFLEX® PWA-160 is NOT recommended for engineered wood exceeding the ½” thick 5” wide, Solid Wood Flooring or Bamboo.


  • High-solids acrylic urethane latex based adhesive
  • Easy trowel on application
  • Excellent green grab / adhesion
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