PWA 700—All-In-One Resin-Based Adhesive

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4 Gallon pail; 48 pails per pallet

Sound Ratings

Sound testing performed as to ASTM E989-06, ASTM E492-04, ASTM E90-04 and E413-04.

6″ concrete slab with no ceiling assembly: 51 STC, 52 IIC

PROFLEX® PWA 700 is an engineered adhesive formulated for use in the installation of all types of wood flooring. It is 100% solids (contains no water), is solvent and isocyanate free, and has no negligible VOC content.


  • Extreme moisture protection, no testing (RH, pH or MVER) required
  • Excellent bond strength on all wood flooring products including wide/long plank styles
  • Quick and easy installation and clean up
  • Quiets floors
  • Health / environmentally conscious formula design (non-urethane and isocyanates free)
  • Suitable for use over all PROFLEX® Peel & Stick Membranes, RCU Membranes, and LV-200 Membrane
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