90 mil. Crack Isolation Sound Membrane

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SIM-90: 90 mil. Crack Isolation and Sound Membrane

PROFLEX® MAXXIM SIM-90 is a 90 mil composite underlayment consisting of a rubberized membrane laminated to a high strength reinforcing fabric on the face and a release sheet on the adhesive side. PROFLEX® MAXXIM SIM-90 can be used for sound control, crack isolation, and waterproofing. PROFLEX® MAXXIM SIM-90 is specially designed to be used under approved thinsets, mortars, and adhesives for interior and exterior applications of ceramic tile, stone, and brick, and for interior applications of wood flooring to eliminate the transmission of cracks and sound. Other applications also may be suitable. Contact Technical Support for further information. To eliminate cracks in finished floor work, the product should be applied to the entire substrate prior to the installation of the finished flooring.

Sound Ratings

(ASTM E90-02, E989-89, E492-90)
STC (Sound Transmission Class) 66*
IIC (Impact Insulation Class) 71*

*Sound testing performed as to ASTM E90 and E492, test conducted on 8” concrete slab with acoustic ceiling.


100 sq. ft. per Roll

* SIM 90 requires an ANSI A118.11 thinset.


1 Roll per Box; 20 Boxes per Pallet