LV-100: Advanced 1mm LVT/LVP Underlayment

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PROFLEX® LV-100 is a technologically advanced 1mm underlayment and acoustical barrier for successful installations of resilient flooring. PROFLEX® LV-100 offers superior sound deadening characteristics and is eligible for PROFLEX® lifetime warranty when utilized in conjunction with approved PROFLEX® adhesives in ‘double-stick’ applications.

PROFLEX® LV-100 contains negligible VOC content (measured below quantifiable levels), affording the green community the best sound abatement choice for their eco-friendly projects. PROFLEX® LV-100 is an inert product that is Hypoallergenic and mold/mildew/bacteria resistant with no toxic additives CFC/HCFC/PVC/BHT/Pint Bromide/latex or antimicrobials. PROFLEX® LV-100 exceeds all standards for indoor air quality including California codes.


  • Suitable for glue down and floating floor installations
  • Roll-on or trowel adhesive for glue down installations
  • Anti-crush mechanical properties
  • Improved foot fall sound performance
  • Covers minor floor irregularities
  • Approved over radiant heated floors
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications

Approved for use under

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile / Plank
  • Carpet Tile
  • WPC
  • Cork Tile
  • Commercial Sheet Vinyl
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Sound Ratings

(ASTM E90-02, E90-04, E989-89, E413-04)
STC (Sound Transmission Class) 67
IIC (Impact Insulation Class) 71
Delta IIC (Delta Impact Insulation Class) 21


200 sq. ft. per roll


14 rolls per box, 6 boxes per pallet