RCU Underlayment Adhesive

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Suitable Surfaces

Concrete (Poured, Prestressed, Precast), Cured (Mortar Beds, Self-Leveling Compounds, Primed Gypsum Concrete), Concrete Backer Boards, Wood (Exterior Grade Plywood, Hardwood, Tongue and Groove, OSB)


4 Gallon Pail, 48 Pails per Pallet

RCU Adhesive

Companion Product to RCU Products

PROFLEX® RCU Adhesive is a high-tack aggressive bonding adhesive to be used in conjunction with Proflex® RCU/RR underlayments.  RCU Adhesive may be used to bond RCU/RR underlayment to dry, fully cured, and dimensionally stable concrete, exterior or marine grade plywood. Contact technical support for additional approved substrates.


  • Easy and fast to install with standard tools
  • Specially formulated for use with RCU Underlayments
  • High-tack, aggressive bonding adhesive

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For estimation purposes, a 1/8″ x 1/8″ x 1/8″ U-Notch trowel will yield 90 sq. ft. / US-Gallons.

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