Waterproofing Membranes

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PROFLEX® Hydra-Seal is a thin, load bearing, crack isolation, waterproof membrane, it provides a monolithic transition for crack-isolation and waterproofing applications.  The material is installed in a semi-fluid state and can be applied to most shapes or irregular form such as base flashings, walls, etc.


PROFLEX® Hydra-Mat Adhesive (HMA) is a one component, 100% solids, easy troweling high strength product is an excellent replacement for epoxy and urethane adhesives, and provides excellent installation for vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, plank & sheet goods over both porous and non-porous surfaces. Extensive warranties available when used in the HYDRAMAT® and UCM® systems.


PROFLEX® HYDRAMAT® is a 3-ply waterproofing membrane designed to waterproof interior subfloors and walls under thinset tile applications. It can be installed directly over any cleaned and prepared surface including concrete, plywood, gypsum, cement board, or OSB board.

Niche, Seats, Benches, Curbs

PROFLEX® Preformed Niche, Benches, Seats and Curbs are a 100% waterproof ready to install lightweight high-density
expanded polystyrene with a liquid waterproof membrane fi nish.


PROFLEX® UCM is designed specifically for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations serving as an uncoupling layer and vapor management layer that accommodates moisture from beneath the tile covering. UCM can be used as a shower pan, exterior drainage mat a nd waterproofing mat.  An added bonus to UCM is it’s sound deadening characteristics not normally found in uncoupling waterproofing mats.

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