PWA 160

PROFLEX® PWA-160 is a high solids, acrylic-urethane latex based adhesive designed for the demands of wood floor installations.


PROFLEX® ProBond Adhesive is a moisture cure urethane formulated for fast grab with excellent green strength to prevent boards from slipping in wet adhesive. The low slump formulation of ProBond allows trowel ridges to hold their form reducing hollow spots and costly repair time and expense.

PWA 200

PROFLEX® PWA200 is a superior one component moisture curing urethane adhesive. PROFLEX® PWA200 possesses high strength bond properties with superior elasticity allowing a good wet / green grab, a superior non-slump capability, and excellent shrink resistance allowing consistent contact between the wood flooring and substrate.

PWA 400

PROFLEX® PWA-400 Premium Grade Wood Flooring Adhesive, is a one component 100% solids, cross linking, STPE polymer-based adhesive. PROFLEX® PWA-400 also has good concrete moisture inhibition capability as well as good sound reduction properties that meets the IIC and STC building code requirements.  Suitable for use over all PROFLEX® Peel & Stick Membranes, RCU Membranes, LV-200 Membrane

PWA 500

PROFLEX® PWA-500 is a two in one urethane moisture barrier and wood flooring adhesive designed to install material such as: Laminated/engineered flooring and parquet flooring over wood or concrete. Application of this product gives the moisture barrier and the wood flooring adhesive in one trowel on application. Suitable for use over all PROFLEX® Peel & Stick Membranes, RCU Membranes, LV-200 Membrane.

PWA 600

PROFLEX® PWA 600 is a revolutionary one-component, single step, solvent free moisture cure urethane formulated to perform as an adhesive, moisture vapor barrier and sound reducer. PWA 600 offers UNLIMITED moisture protection, with a powerful urethane bond strength.

PWA 700

PROFLEX® PWA 700 is an engineered adhesive formulated for use in the installation of all types of wood flooring. PWA-700 is an all-in-one formulation of sound control, moisture protection with  excellent bond strength for wide / long planks. PWA 700 offers extreme moisture protection and requires no moisture testing (RH, pH and MVER).  PWA 700 is suitable for all PROFLEX® Peel & Stick Membranes, RCU Membranes, and LV-200 membrane.

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