SIM Crack Kit - Crack Isolation Repair Kit

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1 Kit Includes:
(1) – 18″ x 50′ roll of PROFLEX® SIM-40
(2) – Quarts of PR11 Interior / Exterior Primer
(1) – Primer Applicator Brush

PROFLEX® SIM Crack KIT is an elastomeric membrane kit specially designed to be used under approved thinsets, mortars, adhesives, and is typically used to bridge existing cracks up to 3/8” in flooring surfaces.  SIM Crack KIT is ideal for making small repairs to substrates without the time and expense of applying PROFLEX® membrane to an entire substrate.


  • Ideal for bridging existing cracks in a substrate up to 3/8″
  • Easy to apply; prime, peel & stick
  • Install flooring after application with no additional waiting time

Suitable Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Cured Mortar Beds
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Exterior Grade Plywood
  • Cement Backerboard
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