PRO-STICK 88 (PS-88)—Solvent-Free Clear Spread VCT Adhesive

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Suitable Surfaces

PRO-STICK 88 Premium Clear Spread Adhesive can be used over the following: above, on, or below grade concrete in the absence of excessive moisture and alkalinity, APA registered underlayment plywood, association grade particleboard, existing well-bonded resilient flooring, poured in place and primed gypsum subfloors, radiant heated subfloors where surface temperatures do not exceed 85ºF (29.40ºC), existing cutback residue, and terrazzo. Moisture levels of concrete slabs should not exceed 90% RH according to ASTM F2170 test method, must be 8 lbs. Or less per 1000 square feet per 24 hours (2.27 kg/92.9 m2/24 hours) using anhydrous calcium chloride test according to ASTM F-1869, and pH must be between 5 and 9.


4 Gallon Pail, 48 Pails per Pallet

PROFLEX® PRO-STICK 88 is a solvent-free adhesive designed for the installation of Vinyl Composition Tile. PRO-STICK 88 provides quick dry times and extended working time up to 24 hours of aggressive tack.


  • Low V.O.C., Solvent-Free
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Outstanding tack level
  • Extended working time


Use PRO-STICK 88 to install Asphalt tile, Vinyl Composition TIle (VCT), Closed cell foamed back hardwood parquet.

DO NOT use to install vinyl backed flooring of any kind.

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