Rubber Cork Adhesive

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Suitable Surfaces

Concrete, Portland Based Underlayments, Properly Prepared Gypsum, APA Approved Plywood, Terrazzo, Fiber Cement Underlayment, Radiant Heated Subfloors, Properly Prepared VCT (Single Layer), Properly Prepared Sheet Vinyl (Single Layer, fully adhered), PROFLEX® RCU Underlayments, PROFLEX® Sports Flooring


5 Gallon pail; 36 pails per pallet


Specialty adhesive for RCA Underlayments and Sports Flooring

PROFLEX® RCA Adhesive is a moisture cure urethane formulated for fast grab with excellent green strength. PROFLEX® RCA Adhesive is excellent for PROFLEX® RCU Underlayments, PROFLEX® Sports Flooring, rubber tiles, rubber stair treads & nosings and recycled rubber flooring.


  • Low Solvent, Low V.O.C. adhesive
  • Easy trowel on application
  • Eligible for a 15 year warranty when used with RCU Membranes
  • Specially formulated for use with RCU Membranes and Sports Flooring

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Actual coverage will vary depending on the substrate and application. For estimation purposes, a 1/8” x 1/8” x 1/8” square notched trowel will yield 90 sq.ft./US-gallon. 
* Trowel size is suggested to maximize coverage of adhesive. 100% coverage is required for all flooring. An uneven subfloor may require a leveling/patching material or a larger notched trowel for proper coverage of adhesive