Cementitious-coated Extruded Foam Backer Board

HB-12: Hydra-Board

PROFLEX® Hydra-Board is a lightweight, cementitious-coated extruded foam backer board with 100% waterproof surface.  PROFLEX® Hydra-Board consists of high-density, polystyrene foam composite, strengthened on both sides with specialized fiberglass reinforced polymer-infused cementitious surface layers. These outer layers allow direct tile and stone bonding mortars to adhere to the surface while having a waterproof barrier underneath. The PROFLEX® Hydra-Board is a strong and light board that is perfect for floors, walls, and ceilings. Use as an interior substrate for ceramic tile, stone, slate, and thin-brick veneers in dry, damp, or wet areas. Reduce installation time, labor effort, and save money with this easy-to-cut, backerboard which is much lighter than gypsum or cement boards.



  • Applies to Proflex System Warranty (Up to Lifetime)
  • Perfect for all wet rooms.
  • Cuts easily with utility knife or saw.
  • Accepts all types of mortars.

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75 sq. ft. per box, 15 boxes per pallet


Suitable Substrates

  • Ceramic tile
  • Stone, slate
  • Thin-brick veneer



36” x 60” x ½”

Single Sheet Weight: 10.9 lbs.

5 Sheets Per Carton / 16 Cartons Per Pallet / Sheets Per Pallet: 80