MS-225: Premium One-Part Moisture Sealer

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  • Use as a primer for PROFLEX® elastomeric membranes in place of PR-Series primers where slabs exceed 5#/1000-24rs
  • Moisture control for PROFLEX® PS-100, PS-75, PS-76, PS-77, PS-88, DB-60 and RCU Adhesives when substrate exceeds product moisture limitations
  • Moisture control for laminate floating floor installations
  • Moisture control for carpet installations
  • When installing hardwood floors over MS-225 you must use PWA-700


  • Reduces Moisture Vapor Transmission up to 15 lbs or 95% RH
  • Reduces porosity of Gypsum concrete
  • Ideal for fast track projects where concrete slabs are not fully cured
PROFLEX® MS-225 Moisture Sealer is a unique one-part, multi-functional moisture barrier that dries to a clear film that is alkali and water-resistant. It is designed for use on interior porous concrete substrates as a penetrating and film-forming hydrophobic (water repelling) barrier to protect flooring installations against moisture vapor transmission rates of up to 15 lbs. Per 1000 sq. ft. per 24 hours and in-situ Relative Humidity (RH) moisture readings up to 95%. The multi-functionality of the product results from the barrier coating ability to prime porous concrete and eliminate dust, and to neutralize surface alkalinity by forming a barrier coating that provides an acceptable pH level and block migration of alkaline salts through the slab.)
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Suitable Substrates

MS-225 is recommended and warranties for ‘on’ or ‘above’ grades of concrete floors. MS-225 is not guaranteed or recommended for use where hydrostatic pressure exists, and must not be used on below-grade subfloors. Use MS-225 in conjunction with an appropriate PROFLEX® flooring adhesive for permanent protection from moisture related adhesive bond failures.


4 gallon pail, 48 containers per pallet

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