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Liquid Latex

PROFLEX® Liquid Latex Additive is a latex based product designed to improve the properties of non-modified thin-sets, mortar beds, and grouts. The latex additive improves workability, increases bond strength, improves flexibility, adhesion, impact strength and freeze thaw resistance of mortars and grouts.  PROFLEX® Liquid Latex Additive can be used with thin-set, thick bed mortars, leveling beds for ceramic tile,  terrazzo and other thin applications where bonding is difficult. May also be used as a bonding agent for patching compounds and to treat dusting slabs for improved adhesion of flooring adhesives.


  • Improved adhesion to both old and new surfaces.
  • Helps reduce dusting, cracking and spalling of tile grout joints
  • Improved resilience for thermal movement
  • Improved chemical resistance of grout joints
  • Improved resistance to water infiltration
  • Bonding agent for adhesives

    Suitable Substrates

    Concrete, Cement Boards, Cement Terrazzo, Gypsum Concrete


    1 US Gallon, 4 Gallons per Carton

    5 US Gallons, 36 Containers per Pallet