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PRO-STICK 22 - Unsanded ANSI A118.1 and A108.5 Thin-Set Mortar

PROFLEX® PRO-STICK 22 is a unsanded thin set mortar used to set non-absorptive (vitreous or semi-vitreous) tiles for interior or exterior use. When mixed with water it provides a suitable bond coat to adhere tile to plaster, concrete, and masonry surfaces. For added performance, PROFLEX® Liquid Latex Additive may be mixed with dry set mortar. With the addition of Liquid Latex Additive, PRO-STICK 22 may be applied over exterior grade plywood and PROFLEX® membranes.

PRO-STICK 25 - ANSI A118.1 and A108.5 Thin-Set Mortar

PRO-STICK 25 is an non-modified thin-set mortar intended for the installation of pavers, ceramic and quarry tile when mixed with water. PRO-STICK is also intended for the installation of ceramic and porcelain tile, quarry tile, pavers, and most types of marble, granite and natural stone when mixed with PROFLEX® Liquid Latex. PRO-STICK 25 is excellent for UCM® and HYDRAMAT® waterproofing membranes.