Perimeter Isolation Barrier (PIB)

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PIB: Perimeter Isolation Barrier (1/4″)

PROFLEX® PIB (Perimeter Isolation Barrier) is a low density polyethylene foam product. The product serves as a means to assist the installer in maintaining a 1/4” perimeter isolation space along the perimeter of a flooring installation where a change of plane occurs. (Floor to Wall). PROFLEX® PIB is a companion product for use with PROFLEX® elastomeric membranes and underlayments. PROFLEX® PIB is used to maximize sound isolation and create a soft joint around the perimeter of wear layer installation. PROFLEX® PIB is placed along the wall surface where the flooring installation meets. The PIB may be affixed to the wall using staples or by using a double sided stick tape.


  • Aids in the reduction of perimeter flanking noise
  • Suitable for use with all hard surface floor covering where sound control is needed
  • Assists in keeping a 1/4″ perimeter


1/4″ x 4″ x 125′ rolls


6 Rolls per Carton, 30 Cartons per Pallet