-Solvent Based Exterior Primer-

PROFLEX® PR-Series of primers are necessary companion products to be used with the PROFLEX® series of elastomeric membranes. PR27 is a solvent based product designed specifically for exterior applications where conditions of higher relative humidity (RH) exists.


  • Easy application with roller or sprayer
  • Exterior Applications
  • Areas of High Relative Humidity
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400 sq. ft. /gal.**Note Coverage will vary depending on porosity of substrate and application type. Coverage values are approximately a 3/8″ Nap Roller.

Suitable Surfaces

Concrete (Poured,Prestressed, Precast), Concrete Backerboards, Cured (Mortar Beds, Self Leveling Compounds, Gypcrete®), Wood (Exterior Grade Plywood, Hardwood, Toungue and Groove, OSB)


1 gallon pail