-Single Step Coating to Smooth and Level Substrates-

PROFLEX® SP1 Multipurpose Sealer / Primer is a pure acrylic based, solvent free product with multiple uses. SP1 may be used as a bonding agent with other Proflex surface preparation products, modified mortars, adhesive, and membranes when adhering to difficult substrates such as gypsum based concrete, epoxy coatings, VCT, non-cushioned sheet vinyl, glazed tile, terrazzo, glass, and metal. SP1 can also be used to prime metal and resin backed tile to allow for modified mortar installation. *SP1 can also be used to encapsulates old adhesive residue, (including cut-back asphalt adhesive).


  • Easy to apply with brush roller or trowel
  • Eliminates costly surface preparation
  • Single component
  • Solvent Free
Related Products

Sealer: PROFLEX® Rake Trowel (7/64 x 5/64”): up to 80 sq. ft. /gal, Primer: Foam or 3/8” Short Nap Roller: up to 410 sq. ft. /gal

Suitable Surfaces

Gypsum Concrete, Epoxy Coating, Tile, VCT, Glass, Metal, Non-Cushioned sheet vinyl, Terrazzo, Resin or Metal backed tile as primer, Proflex surface preparation products, Concrete, Exterior Grade OSB and Plywood, Adhesive residue


1 gallon pail; 150 per pallet