Floor Mud—Sand and Cement Mortar Mix

PROFLEX® Floor Mud is a portland cement-based mortar designed for thick setting beds under ceramic or quarry tiles. When mixed to a dry consistency, Floor Mud allows maximum compaction during tamping.


  • Can be used up to 9″ with lath
  • Ideal for leveling or creating slopes floors
  • Pre-measured packaging for easy mixing, just add water or PROFLEX® Liquid Latex and mix
  • Interior and Exterior use
  • Excellent workability
  • Convenient for small or large jobs


  • Over concrete floors
  • Shower receptors
  • Roof decks and concrete decking
  • Over plywood substrates (double layer of Plywood) and lath
  • Under ceramic tile, quarry, pavers or stone
  • Under PROFLEX® HYDRA-SEAL Waterproofing / Crack Isolation Membrane

50 lb. (22.7 kg) bag; approximately 4.25ft² (0.39 m²) at 1″ (25 mm) thickness

50 lb. bag (22.7 kg) bag


  •  Do not use over gypsum underlayment, hardwood, OSB, particle board or parquet flooring
  • Do not use under moisture sensitive floor coverings
  • Do not over water; mix to a dry consistency