Thick Bed Mortar

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MSI - ANSI A108.1A, ANSI A108.1B Thick Bed Mortar

PROFLEX® MSI is a reinforced portland cement based thick-bed mortar that is It is specially formulated to control shrinkage. MSI is designed to be used in conjunction with PROFLEX® elastomeric crack-isolation membranes, PROFLEX® polymer modified thinset mortars meeting ANSI A118.11.

SUPERSCREED - ANSI A108.1A, ANSI A108.1B Thick Bed Mortar

PROFLEX’” SUPERSCREED is a fiber-reinforced Portland cement-based, polymer modified screed. SUPERSCREED is a semi-paste, semi-slump mortar screed to reduce effort and labor.

Floor Mud - Sand and Cement Mortar Mix

PROFLEX® Floor Mud is a portland cement-based mortar designed for thick setting beds under ceramic or quarry tiles. When mixed to a dry consistency, Floor Mud allows maximum compaction during tamping.