PROFLEX'” SUPERSCREED is a fiber-reinforced Portland cement-based, polymer modified screed. The formula has specialized cement-fluidizers that allows a wetter mortar consistency for easier compaction and
placement without compromising strength due to over-watering.


• Fiber Reinforced Polymer-Modified Cement Screed
• Wetter slump allows faster compaction & screed placement.
• Suitable for bonded, unbonded and floating screeds
• Ideal for pulling to flatness.
• Interior or exterior uses
• Approved for use over PROFLEX® Membranes.
• Meets and Exceeds, A108.1A, A108.1B

Approximate Coverage for SUPER SCREED

Coverage per 50 lb. bag, 7 sq. ft. at 1” thickness. DO NOT EXCEED 4” THICKNESS WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM PROFLEX® 

SUPER SCREED Thick Bed Mortar Screed Mix
50 lb. bag, 56 bags per pallet


  • Use PROFLEX® Epoxy mortar for installing green marble or water sensitive stone and agglomerates.
  • Note: Surfaces must be structurally sound, stable and rigid enough to support ceramic/stone tile, thin brick and similar finishes. Substrate deflection under live, dead and impact loads, including concentrated loads, must not exceed L/360 for thin-bed ceramic tile/brick installations or L/480 for thin bed stone installations where L=span length.
  • DO NOT bond to particle board, luan, Masonite ® or hardwood surfaces.

 Approved Uses

• Mortar beds over PROFLEX® membranes
• Shower pans and slopes
• Screed leveling beds
• Interior and exterior applications

Suitable Substrates

• Concrete
• Cement terrazzo
• Cement backer board*
• Exterior APA Rated Plywood**