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Feather Flex

PROFLEX® FEATHER FLEX Skim Coat is a high performance, one component product for leveling and smoothing concrete, ceramic and quarry tile, terrazzo, wood, and water insoluble cut-back adhesive prior to the installation of finished flooring like VCT, continuous vinyl flooring, or other standard flooring products.


PROFLEX® PSP (Pro Stick Patch) is a multi-purpose cementitious floor patching compound and skim coat. PSP is a polymer modified product that is capable of being used as a skim coat or patch by simply adjusting the liquid to powder mix ratio. PSP also is designed to give maximum pot life, and regains workability by simply remixing without additional water.


PROFLEX® Industrial Floor Repair (IFR) is a Portland cement based, polymer modified, fiber reinforced, rapid setting, one component, structural repair and leveling mortar. IFR is for interior and exterior restoration of deteriorated concrete elements and slabs. It may be placed into forms or used in horizontal applications. IFR may be used as an exposed industrial wear surface or as an underlayment for resilient, carpet, laminate, ceramic tile, and wood flooring.

SLU - Self-Leveling Underlayment up to 1/2" Per Single Pour

PROFLEX® SLU is a cement based self-leveling underlayment providing a smooth and flat concrete surface. SLU installs quickly and can be delivered via pump or pouring methods. The self leveling properties eliminate the need for sanding, grinding, and troweling. For interior use only over primed concrete or exterior grade plywood substrates.

DPU - Self-Leveling Underlayment up to 1-1/2" Per Single Pour

DPU is a self leveling compound of Calcium–Aluminate cement, sand, and proprietary chemicals used to smooth and finish rough interior concrete or wood floors where a fast set is desired within hours. DPU may be applied up to 1½” in a single application. Mixes with water, initial Set 3-5 hours, no troweling or grinding, self healing during flow and working time, light weight and superior strength.

USL - Underlayment Self Leveler, up to 1/2" over PROFLEX® Membranes

PROFLEX® USL is a high performance, fast setting, multi-purpose, polymer-modified Portland cement-based self-leveling underlayment approved to be used over PROFLEX® Peel & Stick Membranes and PROFLEX® RCU Membranes. PROFLEX® USL may be placed from ⅛” to ½” when going over PROFLEX® underlayments, or ⅛” to 5” when used as a standalone self-leveling underlayment.