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Typical Use

Provides a patching compound for interior uses with extended pot life. May be used over dry concrete and wood underlayments such as exterior grade plywood prior to the installation of floor coverings. It can be used on, below, or above grade concrete surfaces horizontally or vertically. For repairing interior sub-floors from a perfect feather edge to 1/2”. Application of two layers recommended for greater thickness up to 1”. For preparation of any concrete surface; rough, unleveled, unfinished or burnished prior to installation of floor coverings. Compatible with most floor covering, ceramic tile, epoxy and polyurethane adhesives including dry set mortars used to complete the installation.


PSP: Multi-Purpose Cementitious Patching Compound

PSP is a polymer modified product that is capable of being used as a skim coat or patch by simply adjusting the liquid to powder mix ratio. PSP is an “All Purpose” material for the installer who requires product consolidation without giving up quality and performance. Also is designed to give maximum pot life, and regains workability by simply remixing without additional water.


  • Ready to mix Product
  • High strength for a variety of applications.
  • Fast Drying
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Feather Edge to ½”

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As a skimcoat, 375 – 475 sq. ft. / 35 lb. pail, At 1/8” thickness, 30 – 40 sq. ft. / 35 lb. pail

Suitable Surfaces

Concrete, Cement Mortar Beds, Cement Terrazzo, Exterior Grade Plywood (see installation guide), Backer Boards (see installation guide)


35 lb. pail; 36 pails per pallet.