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Impregnating Sealer

PROFLEX® Impregnating Sealer is a special solvent based sealer that forms a moisture and stain resistant barrier for any unsealed stone and grout. Impregnating Sealer provides an invisible protective seal that is ideal for interior and exterior application. Also works great on ceramic tile, concrete, brick, pavers, slate, and stucco.

Porous Sealer

PROFLEX® Porous Sealer is a solvent based sealer specially formulated for the most porous of unsealed stone. It is effectively designed to form a moisture and stain resistant barrier that will not alter the beauty of stone, yet provides protection and hardening with a lasting seal. Interior or Exterior use. Ideal to use on most porous stone, including grout, limestone, quartz, and more.

Enhancing Sealer

PROFLEX® Enhancing Sealer is a solvent based professional tile and stone penetrating sealer with added enhancers. Its single application technology offers a deep color enhancement for unsealed natural stone. Beautify a wide variety of surfaces including granite, marble, brick, slate, quarry, ceramic and more.

Penetrating Sealer

PROFLEX® Penetrating Sealer is a water based (solvent-free) water repellent sealer designed for the protection of porous surfaces such as unglazed tile, grout, porous stone and unfinished wood surfaces. It is deep penetrating due to its small molecular structure and is 100% water permeable.

Grout Guard

PROFLEX® GROUT GUARD is a water based, environmentally friendly low V.O.C. grout admixture.  Use of Grout Guard eliminates the need for topical sealers. This product will not affect clean up, workability, dry time, or pot life of grout. Grout Guard creates a harder/denser grout  that is crack resistant, mold/mildew resistant, water repellent, and stain resistant.


PROFLEX® Pro Block is a concrete prep application that resists many oils, greases and salts and is central to concrete containment of vapor emissions. It serves as both a curing and sealing agent. Its effective formula purges and prevents the re-entry of soluble chlorides and other contaminants. Water based.

Grout Release

PROFLEX® Grout Release is a temporary water soluble pre-groat coating that protects tile and stone surfaces from grout and mortar stains. Easier clean-up with strong water based stain protection.

Max Floor Cleaner

PROFLEX® Max Floor Cleaner is a heavy duty pro-grade cleaner that removes efflorescence, hard water build-up, lime and rust stains. A safe water based cleaner for all interior and exterior surfaces. Great for grout and porous surfaces.

Pro Clean Extreme

Pro Clean Extreme is a revolutionary safe acid cleaner used to remove biological stains as well as metal and mineral oxide stains from a wide variety of surfaces. Pro Clean Extreme was specifically designed for the restoration of historic buildings, but it is also a great choice for schools, colleges, stadiums, hospitals, churches, and other public facilities in urban environments where safety is of the utmost importance.

Super Scrub

Super Scrub is an abrasive cream cleaner slightly alkaline water solution of anionic oil splitting surfactants used in heavy-duty industrial applications primarily for ambient, low effort cleaning. Super Scrub is a high performance detergent with a high dispersive capacity, excellent wetting, superior detergency and unique coupling characteristics.

Sulfamic Acid Cleaner

PROFLEX® Sulfamic Acid Cleaner is a fast acting, mild acid cleaner for textured, non-polished, natural and manufactured surfaces. Sulfamic Acid Cleaner removes sanded grout & mortar residue, joint cement,  lime & hard water deposits, efflorescence, rust and other heavy dirt and grime.