1 Gallon


Rough Slab Finish: 75 – 100 sq. ft. /gal.

Dense and Smooth Finish: 150 – 200 sq. ft. /gal.


Pro Block is a concrete prep application that resists many oils, greases and salts and is central to concrete containment of vapor emissions. It serves as both a curing and sealing agent. Its effective formula purges and prevents the re-entry of soluble chlorides and other contaminants. Water based.


  • Blocks and reduces vapor emissions through concrete but leaves concrete breathable
  • Purges soluble chlorides and prevents re-entry. Cures and chemically hardens in one application
  • Does not alter bondability of concrete
  • Non-combustible. No flammable solvents
  • Contains a non-acid penetrating agent – resists many acids, oils, greases and salts
  • May be used as a curing and sealing agent that reduces “green concrete” window from 28 days down to an average of 5 days

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