Suflamic Acid Cleaner


1 lb.


Approximately 350 – 600 sq. ft. per pound (31 to 55 square meters) depending on the type of surface, porosity, texture, temperature, method of application and dilution.

Sulfamic Acid Cleaner is a fast acting, mild acid cleaner for textured, non-polished, natural and manufactured surfaces. Sulfamic Acid Cleaner removes sanded grout & mortar residue, joint cement,  lime & hard water deposits, efflorescence, rust and other heavy dirt and grime.


  • Economical Formulation of Dry Granular Acid Crystals that are diluted with water to Match Cleaning Needs
  • Highly effective on inorganic contaminants, especially on hard water deposits
  • Very easy to use
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable. V.O.C. Compliant. Biodegradable.
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